The community garden is a place where people can learn to grow their own food, share expertise, and meet new people.

We run the garden on organic principles and aim to keep our carbon footprint small. We also enjoy experimenting with new and old crop varieties to discover which grow best in our area. It's great to grow more unusual varieties, that are hard to get in suprmarkets, alongside old favourites.

Gardeners work the garden in return for a share of the crops. Eligibility for crop share is achieved by working for ten hours (when convenient) and then working three hours per month throughout the year. A membership fee of £9 per annum is then required. 

If you would like to learn more, come and join us on one of our gardening days. More information about times and dates in the Visitor Information section. No gardening knowledge necessary to join. Just willingness to learn!



The main house is used as offices for The Dartmoor National Park Authority and the adjacent buildings are occupied by The National Trust. 

The beautiful walled garden on The Parke Estate, Dartmoor National Park, was originally owned by Major Hole prior to The National Trust, who have managed the house and grounds since 1976. 

© National Trust

The garden originally supplied vegetables for the estate and in the early 20th century, the glasshouse supplied grapes oranges and melons from the melon pit.

The Community Garden is open to everyone in the local area to come and grow their own fruit and vegetables, share knowledge and learn new skills.