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The Community Garden


Bovey Tracey


OS Grid Ref: 191:SX805786

December /January

  • Sow broad beans
  • sow winter salads under glass (cos lettuce, winter density lettuce, claytonia,lambs lettuce, salad burnet and land cress)
  • winter prune fruit trees and bushes
  • pot up mint root for forcing in greenhouse
  • Have a few herbs in the greenhouse, or a cool window ledge for winter flavour
  • cover rhubarb crowns with well rotted manure
  • Manure appropriate beds 
  • Plant shallots on the shortest day.
  • Clean greenhouse to prevent disease.
  • Clean and repair equipment


  • Sow under glass, tomatoes, parsley, spring/summer cabbage, sprouts, cauliflower, leeks, onions, celery, beetroot, peppers, aubergines, radish, spinach, pak choi, and chard.
  • Soak discarded rhubarb leaves in water for 3-4 weeks to make a great pesticide spray for whitefly & blackfly.
  • Dig in well rotted manure to all beds except beds for root crops.